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Are Commute Times in Omaha Good?

If you’re new to Omaha, then one of the first questions you’re going to have will be about the traffic. Are commute times in Omaha, NE good — or can you expect to get stuck in traffic for hours on end, listening to Bruce Springsteen on repeat while wondering when this is going to end?

Are Commute Times in Omaha Good?

Here’s everything to know about traffic in Omaha, NE, and how to get from one place to the next faster than the next person.

The Omaha Traffic Report

The good news about traffic in Omaha is that it’s not filled with peak, bumper-to-bumper traffic like some of the busier cities and states (e.g. Chicago or New York).

While some times in Omaha still count as standard peak traffic and might be busier than others, most of the time you can have a quick and easy commute from one place to the next – whether you’re in a vehicle, or taking the bicycle lane.

If you have a specific place or time to be somewhere, it’s always a good idea to check the traffic report first.

Live traffic reports like this one can keep you updated on what’s going on via specific routes – and just what traffic looks like right now.

Stay on top of traffic with KETV Traffic Updates

Watching Omaha Traffic Footage

Getting to know the ins and outs of Omaha traffic isn’t just about the traffic report. Remember that we also have the wonder of the internet these days, which will allow you to hook into any number of several different traffic cameras located across the city.

Even if you have taken a look at the traffic report before getting on the road, it’s still a great idea to watch some current traffic camera footage to see what you could expect.

Schedule Your Routes Ahead

The wonder of the internet has also given us services like Apple and Google Maps. There’s almost no excuse for getting lost these days when you can see a real-time view of exactly where you’re supposed to go. If you’re new to Omaha roads, use Google Maps or Apple Maps to plan your routes ahead of time.

If the route you originally wanted to take appears too congested, see if the internet can recommend an alternate route to get you to your destination faster.

Even in lower-traffic areas like most of Omaha, NE, unexpected events like accidents and road closures are still a possibility.

Peak Times for Omaha Traffic

Commute times in Omaha are lower than the national average, and you can expect to get stuck in traffic less than you’re used to if you come from a busier city. Getting to most places around the Omaha metro area won’t take long at all. In fact, many people refer to Omaha as a “20-minute city”, as you can get to most places in 20 minutes or less.

Early mornings and mid-afternoons can signal peak times for Omaha traffic. Mostly, this is because people are on their way to work – or on their way back home. Sometimes, public holidays might bring more traffic – and there’s the occasional citywide event that can make the roads busier.

Outside of peak times, you’ll be glad to know that the average commute time in Omaha is quick.

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