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Best Omaha Suburbs for Families

Moving to a new city is always a little scary. No matter how much research you do ahead of time, you won’t know what it’s like to live somewhere until you try it out. Deciding on the best suburb to live in can be even more challenging if you are moving with children, though. Are you wondering which Omaha suburbs are best for families and why? Start your search here!

Best Omaha Suburbs for Families

1. Dundee

Dundee is just west of downtown Omaha, full of gorgeous historic homes, and extremely pedestrian-friendly. The suburb is clean and well-developed. Dundee hasn’t lost its sense of community, so neighbors will always look out for your kids. In addition, Dundee has several excellent schools, as well as a vibrant retail center and lots of restaurants to choose from.

2. Benson

Benson is another excellent choice for families looking for the best Omaha suburb. Besides great schools, it has beautiful historic homes. Benson is, however, a little rowdier. Families looking for a quiet suburb shouldn’t pick Benson, which has an active nightlife and attracts a lot of tourists.

3. Aksbarben

Located in southwest Omaha, Aksarben is what you’d think of when imagining a typical suburb. It’s quiet and clean, has well-maintained sidewalks, and is home to many families just like yours. In addition to good public schools, the Aksarben area is home to a number of excellent private schools.

While Aksarben is on the quiet side, it does have a decent shopping center and a park full of activities.

4. Millard

Families with young children may also want to consider moving to Millard, an Omaha suburb located southwest of Downtown. Millard has become popular with commuters in recent years, but it wasn’t always part of the city of Omaha and retains that friendly vibe you may be looking for.

Do you love the thought of living in a romantic cottage? Then, Millard may be the Omaha suburb for you. Millard has some of the most highly-rated public schools in Omaha as well.

5. Chalco

Chalco is a lively Omaha suburb that’s in high demand — so while you may find it difficult to find a property there, you have some excellent reasons to search for a home there. Families who love going for walks together have plenty to do in Chalco, which is one of the safest suburbs in Omaha for families.

6. Elkhorn

Families who are looking for Omaha suburbs packed with exciting family-oriented activities may enjoy Elkhorn, which organizes an annual derby and offers sprawling biking and walking areas, as well as multiple excellent parks. Multiple highly-rated public schools can be found throughout the Elkhorn area. Choose this area if you don’t just want a place to live, but hope to become part of an established community where neighbors really come together.

Omaha Suburbs: Which Suburb is Best?

Reading about different neighborhoods is a great way to start your property search — but as you move forward, consider making a handy checklist that allows you to determine which Omaha suburbs have the amenities and characteristics that are most important to you.

If you’re in any position to, check out every Omaha suburb you are considering in person before you begin a serious property search. You’ll get a much better feel of what it would be like to live there that way!

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