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Best Thanksgiving Family Traditions

One of the best and most rewarding things about having kids is introducing them to your favorite thanksgiving family traditions. This Thanksgiving, why not create some new ones to share with your family? From playing games to decorating everything in sight, keep reading to discover a whole list of awesome Best Thanksgiving Family Traditions.

Best Thanksgiving Family Traditions

From quirky family favorites to time-honored classics, thanksgiving family traditions are one of the things that we crave most around the holidays.

Go on a Tech Fast

Conversation and bonding at the dinner table can easily give way to scrolling through your Facebook feed while your kids text their friends. Instead, try taking a tech fast for the entire day. Ask that guests plop their phones into a basket when they walk into your home, and keep their hands off while you eat dinner and spend time together.

Do Some Charity Work

Sure, you could spend the afternoon leading to Thanksgiving dinner on the couch watching football, but taking some time to give back will have way more of an impact on your family – particularly your children. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or organization on Thanksgiving morning can be particularly impactful.

Have the Kids Set the Table

Get the little ones involved in the preparations by having them set the table for dinner while the adults are busy finishing up the food. They’ll feel proud of their contribution to the holiday, and learn the importance of chipping in.

Start With a Big Breakfast

Especially for families who eat their Thanksgiving dinner a little on the later side, starting the day with a big breakfast can help tide everyone over. Some families serve mimosas to get the party started early, others set out bagels and sweet breads so everyone can nosh while they prep. Whatever your breakfast style, there’s a reason it’s the most important meal of the day.

Pass Down a Family Recipe — Or Make a New One

Sure, everyone loves Granny’s pecan pie recipe and Aunt Marge’s cranberry sauce, but your Thanksgiving food traditions don’t need to end there. If you’ve inherited old recipe cards or cookbooks from family members, there’s no better time to dig into these archives than on the biggest noshing holiday of all. Pick out something in the holiday theme, something that sounds delicious, or just something unusual from a time gone by — even if the recipe doesn’t become an immediate hit with your crew, the adventure of trying them out is half the fun.

Stay connected with family members far away.

If you’re not close to your loved ones during Thanksgiving, thankfully you can still be together — just virtually! Do a video call before dinner, or Facetime family members in for the giving-thanks portion of the evening. Make it an annual thing.

Break the Wishbone – With a Twist!

When you first carve the turkey, set aside the wishbone to dry while everyone eats. After the meal, draw names to decide who breaks the wishbone. Make a wish, because legend has it the winner will see their wish come true in the coming year. For a fun variation, let the winner go first for dessert!

Take a Thanksgiving Trip

Not all of us have a big clan to gather ’round on Thanksgiving. If you tend to fly solo on the holiday or celebrate with a smaller group, try taking a Thanksgiving family vacation for fewer crowds and a unique new tradition. You can book a big family dinner at many resorts and on cruises, and can make memories that last a lifetime.

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