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Building A New Home in Omaha

There are lots of good reasons why you should be building a new home in Omaha instead of buying one. For one thing, you get to totally customize it yourself and choose everything about it from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to whether or not there is a secret passage or panic room installed. You can create a wine cellar, a bar to entertain guests and an outside entertainment center if you choose.

Building A New Home in Omaha

Building a new home in Omaha instead of buying often cost more, but the resale value of the home is also going to be higher since it is unique and custom built. Let’s take a look at the steps involved when it comes to building a new home in Omaha.

The Foundation

The first step in the process is preparing the site and building the foundation. These two vital steps may be completed by the same workers, or they may be two different groups of people. The first thing that has to happen is the clearing of the lot. That means that it has to be level, the site has to be clear of rocks and debris; and trees have to be removed where the house is going to go. In addition, wooden forms will be installed that will hold the foundation in place temporarily. Footings will be installed and things like basements and wells are dug.

After that, you’ll for the foundation. You pour the concrete into the form that you have previously installed and wait for it to cure. There is nothing left to do but wait after pouring the concrete, but after it is cured, drains and sewers and any other plumbing that needs to be installed will be put in and you will have your first inspection.

Rough Framing

The next step in the process is the rough framing of the house. This is basically building a skeleton of your house. You’ll be able to see where all the walls are and doorways and windows. But it will just be two by fours that make up the skeleton. Then plywood sheeting is installed on the exterior walls as well as the roof, and windows and exterior doors are installed.

Electrical, HVAC & Plumbing

You will be doing all of the electrical work as well as the HVAC and plumbing next. This is just the rough plumbing and electrical, but it has to be done while you still have access to the entire house. That means that pipes will be running through the interior walls and ceilings, sewer lines will be put in, vents and water supply lines will be put in and much more.


The bottom line is that there are a lot of steps to building a house, but you only need to have a basic overview so you can track the progress as your contractor does the work. You definitely want to keep an eye on your house as it is being built, but you don’t have to micromanage if you have hired a good contractor.

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