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How Do I Find Out About a Neighborhood Before Buying a House?

Part of the process of buying a house is deciding on what type of neighborhood you want to live in. The best thing to do is list short, medium, and long-term priorities, over and above the size of the property and the number of rooms. Once you have your list of priorities, set about researching the neighborhood you have in mind. Also, get ahold of the local newspapers as they will give you an insight into the communities.

How Do I Find Out About a Neighborhood Before Buying a House?

Walk around

We miss a lot when we drive, so take a walk around different parts of a prospective neighborhood, on different days, including the weekend, and at different times. Apart from checking out the quality of roads and sidewalks, and park upkeep, watch out for wildlife, flora, smells, and sounds. Being there at different times will give you an opportunity to observe the traffic volumes and flow

Check for Convenience

From your prospective house, determine how long it would take to walk or drive to the local shops. Have a checklist of stores you need and like, and see what the local mall has to offer in terms of one-stop shopping and parking. Find out where the post office is, the police station, firehouse, and the local council offices. Check out the local schools and see if they have a bus route. Pinpoint the local doctor, dentist, hospital, clinic, and vet in case of emergencies. Also, find out where the church of your choice is as well as playgroups and pre-schools.

Trial your commute

Drive your work commute a couple of times at your regular commute time. Deciding how long you are prepared to sit in traffic every day is an important consideration when relocating. Look for bottlenecks on the local roads and at the on and off-ramps for the freeway. While driving around, keep an eye on the number of for-sale signs. Too many houses up for sale might be a warning sign that all is not well in the area.


When checking out the local stores, stop for coffee or lunch and chat with the locals. Local store owners are usually chatty with customers and should be a wealth of local information. The local hairdresser and barber will also be good sources of information.

Go Online

Look for a community page on Facebook or an online local newspaper. Look at the posts to pick up on the issues of the day. On the community page, look out for details of the local community action group, neighborhood watch, sports clubs, girl guides, and boy scouts. Look for posts about the local utility providers, and the water supply and research the crime statistics for the area. Also, search online for a local radio show and listen out for local news, events, and happenings. Use Google Maps to see how far away your prospective new home is from factory areas and railway tracks as these will have an impact on noise levels and air quality.

Property Values

House prices have risen by nearly 19 percent in the past twelve months despite and because of COVID. Visit or contact other local realtors in addition to the realtor you may already be dealing with. Try to establish a longer-term history of house prices, not just prices of your targeted suburb, but nearby suburbs as well. Ideally, the price range should be similar. If prices have risen steadily for a number of years it could suggest that you are making a sound investment by buying in the area you are thinking of moving to.

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