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Types of Floor Plans in Custom Homes

Every home has a floor plan. Without this, developers would be at a significant loss. If you’re looking for ideal floor plans for a custom home, achieving a precise measurement with a clear and accurate display of the blueprint is essential. Here are the three main types of floor plans in custom homes.

Types of Floor Plans in Custom Homes


Traditional floor plans are also called closed-type floor plans. This is because traditional style floor plans have the same amount of space with more walls. You can see this type of floor plan in almost any home built ten or more years ago. In traditional floor plans, there is a separation of walls and a doorway in each room.

Benefits of a traditional floor plan:

  • Abundant design options

This floor plan allows you to use different materials and colors for each room, giving you the freedom to express yourself completely.

  • Cozy

Confined amount of space for one person gives a cozy and warm feeling.

  • Extra privacy

Other than coziness, spaces in traditional floor plans provide more privacy and more places for your quiet time.

  • Better sound control

More walls mean more objects sound has to pass through the walls to reach other areas, thus making the sound more silent.

  • Lower energy bills

It is generally easier to control whether heat or cool in areas with more walls as they offer insulation.

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An open floor plan removes most of these walls to create more space, such as having the kitchen and living room in the same space. This type provides the feeling of not being inseparable even if they aren’t together in the same room.

Benefits of Contemporary Floor Plans:

  • Accessibility

More space means it is much easier to move around.

  • Open Line of Sight

This is great for a family with kids as it is easier to keep an eye on and monitor them.

  • Better Natural Light

It lowers the electrical consumption as light from the sun enters the windows with fewer walls blocking it, thus lighting your space naturally.

  • Added Modern Aesthetic

Modern types of homes are trending because of the open-concept floor plan.

  • Better Resale Value

An open-concept style is easier to sell as it becomes in demand because of the features it offers.


Custom floor plans are done to replicate your dream house or a house purely based on your references. Floor plans of this type are typically presented to the consumers through 3D rendered models. With this, Realtors, Developers, and Private sellers can create an ideal home for their customers.

You can choose any color, fixtures, materials, and styles you want in custom floor plans. You can make it without going into that much detail, such as by choosing a layout and letting the builder handle the rest. Custom ideas are currently gaining popularity and are usually seen and featured in movies.

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