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How To Choose A Lot To Build a House?

Building a custom home is a great way to get the house of your dreams. The first step in this process is choosing an appropriate building lot to meet your needs. Most of your design decisions will be based on the location of the lot. How much sun the house will receive and even the size will all play a part in how well your dream home will come together. We have a few tips that will help you choose a lot that gives your custom home the best advantage.

How To Choose A Lot To Build a House?

The Lot Shape

The shape of the plot you plan to build your home will have a dramatic effect on its overall design. A square shape is the most preferred unless you have a specific design that requires a long rectangle. Homes with triangle-shaped lots are ideal if they sit on the end of a street giving you a lot of yard and plenty of driveway away from the main street. Pie-shaped lots will result in a home that sits far away from the street and depending on the remaining features of the area, this may or may not be ideal. It is important to select a shape that will accommodate the home of your dreams and provide an attractive landscape. The most common types of lots are flat, walkout and daylight.

Pay Attention To The Neighborhood Characteristics

In addition to looking at the lot, your home will sit on, also consider the rest of the neighborhood. A McMansion will be out of place if the rest of the homes in the area are more modest in nature. Choose a lot that is surrounded by other homes that are well maintained and have a similar style or at least aesthetic as the one you plan to build.

Check The Slope

The slope on the lot will determine if the water on the property will drain correctly. If the lot slope is not ideal, water may pool or collect near the foundation of the home. Water can also pool in the driveway, septic tanks, walkways, and in the yard. Too much standing water also has the potential to attract insects such as mosquitoes. You will want to choose a lot that has enough of an incline that water moves away from the home. Looking for a lot for a walkout basement? The type of slope in the lot also determines if the house will be able to accommodate a walkout basement or if slab construction can be used.

Consider Which Way Your Home Will Face

When choosing a lot think about where the front and back of your home will face. Make sure that you choose a home that allows the sun to rise in an aesthetically pleasing direction without blocking the sun for the whole day. If you are in a warmer climate, you may want your home to face away from the sun to conserve electricity in the summer months. Also, if you live in a place that has a lot of snow, you should situate your home in a way that encourages melt during the winters.

Zoning Restrictions

There are different zoning regulations in every part of a city. Make sure that the home you plan to build will actually be approved for the lot you have in mind. Some areas may have historic importance or only allow buildings of a certain height. It is a good idea to check the building codes before finalizing a lot for your home. Check the trees on the lot while you are at it. Some may need to be removed, and others may have to stay as a part of the zoning regulations so make sure a stray tree won’t end up blocking the view in your dream home.

Traffic, Easements & Taxes

Check out the traffic patterns in the area during rush hour. If it is a small street, is it on track to be expanded upon by the city? When choosing a lot for your home, you not only have to think about the now, you also have to think about the future. Property taxes are also important. Some areas have higher taxes than others which will play a role in your lot decision. Make sure to check the lot for easements. The last thing you need is the gas or light company crashing your backyard barbeque every few weekends.

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