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Latest Home Building Trend: Pet-Friendly Design

Are you designing a new home? Do you have pets? Consider making your new property more appealing to your fur babies and give them a better quality of life. This post gives you a few ideas about the latest home-building trend – pet-friendly home design.

Latest Home Building Trend: Pet-Friendly Design

Build a Dog Run

Have your dog’s been tearing up the lawn around your property? Build them a dedicated dog run, and you’ll never have to worry about replanting the grass again. If your animals like digging up the flowerbeds or chewing on lawn furniture, a dedicated dog run is a great way to give them the exercise and play space they need to thrive without tearing up your landscaping.

Natural grass, wood chips, accents, or artificial turf and concrete, are great choices for landscaping a functional and visually aesthetic dog run. Add a shelter to keep your dogs out of the rain and the cold in the winter.

Keep the Pets Off the Furniture with Gates

Do your furry friends have a habit of jumping on the couches or stealing food off the countertops? Adding baby gates to areas like the kitchen, laundry room, living room, and bedroom keeps your pets out of your space when you don’t want them there. You don’t have to worry about shooing fido out of the kitchen while making the spaghetti sauce.

Automate Feeding and Watering and Fit a Pet Door

We automate many parts of our lives, so why not bring this theme into caring for your pets? If you have a busy lifestyle involving kids, work responsibilities, and friends, leave the machines to take care of your animals when you can’t.

Purchase automated feeding stations and watering stations and take the hassle out of rushing to feed your dogs and cats. Automation saves you hours during the year, and your pets will always have fresh water and plenty of food.

Fit a Dog Washing Station in the Mudroom

Bringing the dogs home after a walk can be a nightmare on a wet day. If they got into the water and rolled around in the dirt, they’d be moving mud missiles when you arrive back home. Your dog probably loves charging indoors after a morning at the park, tracking mud everywhere.

If you’re tired of mud-caked couches and dirty floors, consider setting up a pet wash station at the entrance to the home or in the mudroom. Hose them down, dry them off, and save yourself an extended cleaning mission to get the mud off the couches and floors.

Install Scratch and Stain-Resistant Flooring

Dogs love tearing around the house when they get excited. If they have muddy paws, they’ll stain the hardwood and scratch it. Install scratch and stain-resistant flooring to prevent the wear and tear caused by your animals. Ceramic tiles are a wonderful option to complement your interior design.

Fit a “Catio”

Consider fitting a “catio” to your porch if you have cats. Your feline can enjoy the fresh air and watch the dogs, squirrels, and birds without you worrying about their safety. There are plenty of catio designs to help you secure your patio area. Pick one out and load it with scratching posts and cat toys to keep them busy.

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