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Living Costs in Omaha Comparison

Omaha, Nebraska might be one of the best places to live in the United States. Over the past couple of years, there has been a steady flow of people relocating to Omaha to live and work. There are many reasons why Omaha is a great place to live, work and pass by. Nebraska might get colder during the winters, but Omaha is known to be a hub for both entertainment and business. Omaha, Nebraska is also home to some of the most favorable living costs in America.

Living Costs in Omaha Comparison

Legendary investor Warren Buffett, one of the world’s richest people, lives right here in Omaha, Nebraska. Warren still considers Omaha home, the place where his heritage is rooted. Today, many of the businesses in Nebraska are directly influenced by Buffett.

Omaha, Nebraska ranks as one of the most favorable places to live in terms of cost of living. Living in Omaha means you won’t pay nearly as much for general living costs as you would to live in New York City, or San Francisco.

Here’s what you should know about how living costs in Omaha.

Median Home Costs in Omaha

Home costs in Omaha, Nebraska are among the nation’s average home prices. Even better, real estate agents list many great Omaha homes every day. There’s a lot of space in Omaha to sell and rent, and this contributes to having far more options available to you than if you chose another smaller city to live in.

The median home price for a two to three-bedroom house in Omaha is approximately $239,900.

Some of the most expensive cities in the country can hike your estimated home price to more than $300,000 on average. Not if you choose Omaha!

While a house in Omaha is typically a little more expensive than in other parts of Nebraska, there’s good reason for this. The closer you are to the middle of the busy city, the closer your home price might be to the higher stated median. The same holds true for many cities across America.

Living Costs in Omaha, Ranked

According to ranking by points, the overall living costs of Omaha are cheaper than living in other towns located in the greater state of Nebraska.

Living costs in Omaha rank up to 130.3, whereas the rest of Nebraska is measured at 132.3 instead.

The living costs include the most basic food budget, as well as public transportation around the city. While most people have vehicles, Omaha is also reliant on a vibrant and effective public transport system. Public transportation systems available can help you cut down on transportation expenses.

Although the cost of a home in Omaha is higher, living costs are marginally lower than living in other parts of the state – and certainly cheaper than most other Midwest cities.

The Cost of Food in Omaha

The food budget in Omaha by ranking is approximately 96.6 points. In comparison to the rest of Nebraska, you can expect the food budget to be slightly lower – or 94.9 points instead.

Other states, such as New York and Colorado, set the bar much higher. This makes Omaha perfect for small to mid-sized families and single professionals who move to Omaha to start families and careers.

Put in more practical terms with dollars and cents, the food costs in Omaha for a single person are approximately $3, 025 per year. Elsewhere in the state, one-person food budget estimates are around $3,240 per year. Food costs in Omaha are much cheaper than the yearly food budget of states like Colorado.

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