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Luxury Staycation Ideas in the US

The year 2020 was a rough one for the travel industry. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard and because of this virus, traveling became more difficult. While staycations have been popular in the past, with many people already stuck at home for the long haul, getting away somewhere localish has an appeal. While you might not be able to go on your cruise or fly to a tropical destination, there are some luxury staycation ideas that can provide you with a little get away with fewer risks.

Luxury Staycation Ideas in the US

The United States is a big country and with that being said, you might just be surprised with some of the things to discover right in your local area. Here are some fun destinations throughout the US that might just be near enough to you for a fun weekend getaway.

It is important to remember that before you book your staycation getaway, check with local government guidelines first.


For those near the coast, going to the beach is a great way to escape for a few days. Book a hotel on the beach and enjoy a few days of simply relaxing. Even if you are in the Mid-Atlantic region, it might be cold, but a brisk walk near the water can do wonders for your soul.

Many people have saved up a lot of money this year by not taking those extravagant trips. Treat yourself to a five-star hotel for a couple of nights as a way to simply recharge and find yourself. If you are looking for a luxury staycation, there is nothing quite like a room with a view of the ocean.

River and Mountain Views

For those in the Midwest, why not take a trip to the Mississippi river? There are many great mountain resorts that are within driving distance from Chicago and Milwaukee. Heading a few hours south from these large cities will find you on the river with plenty of great resorts from which to choose. You can take full advantage of nature with alpine slides, hiking trails, and if staying inside is more your speed, a luxury hotel room with full spa amenities creates the perfect luxury staycation that you likely need right now.

Cabin in the Woods

When you think of a luxury staycation your mind not go directly to a cabin in the woods. However, all throughout the United States, you will find many great cabins for rent. These cabins are in some of the best state and national forests throughout the country. In Tennessee, you can find some great places that offer all of the amenities that you could possibly want, including your own indoor pool and hot tub. You cannot beat the spectacular views of the mountains that these places have to offer.

Most national parks offer some great amenities to enjoy, with the greatest one simply being the surroundings. These are great places to stay and truly relax. During this time of uncertainty, a getaway to a remote luxury cabin in the woods can be just what the soul needs.

Luxury Homes

If you are looking to get out of your house for just a little bit and live the life of luxury, why not look on AirBNB or VRBO for a home in your area that offers you some luxuries that you do not have. Depending on how far you want to travel, there are likely some great homes for rent right in your area that you didn’t even know existed. These platforms provide travelers with the opportunity to find the perfect place to stay for a few days and provide some of the same comforts of your own home. From city apartments to penthouses with spectacular views, to wonderful lake and beach houses, you are sure to find a place that will provide you with a great staycation.

Overall, the possibilities for luxury staycation ideas are endless. You will find that if you keep your mind open, there are plenty of possibilities right outside your own home. From nature getaways to city dreams, you can find a way to travel safely during this time. You can still have a great time even if it is closer to home than you might want to be.

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