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Modern Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

Want to ensure that your kitchen looks the part in 2020? This post will break down the latest trends and design features that you can bring to your own décor.

Modern Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

The first consideration for a new kitchen should be the floor and the walls. This will give you a canvas on which to work.

Walls and Flooring

In terms of kitchen design materials, porcelain and ceramic tiles are still highly popular and serve a lot of practical benefits. That is to say they’re easy to clean and wipe down and difficult to stain. Stone floors are also popular, as are larger tiles. Granite and marble will of course give a kitchen a luxury aesthetic. In addition, you can use concrete and other materials that have been stained to mimic that appearance.

Minimalistic design is still in vogue and has been for a long time, but consider using features like “waterfall” tiles, or using a different color tile to form borders around your fittings.
Other features like statement taps can also bring your kitchen into the 2020s.

Cabinets and Sideboards

Next you will need to decide on the design of the cabinets and sideboards. Think about what will best match the look and feel of your kitchen design walls and floor. Popular in 2020 is the concept of the two-tone kitchen décor. That means you’ll have one color for your walls and floor, and one for your cabinets. Alternatively, you can match the cabinets to the floor.

Think in terms of how your kitchen cabinets will open into the room, and consider function as well as form. Features like soft closing mechanisms and even rotating shelving will help you to make better use of your space/make your kitchen as pleasant to use as it is to look at.


Finally, you need to select your appliances. As far as possible these should fit seamlessly into work surfaces and cupboards. We call these “concealed appliances” and they are extremely common in 2020. Again, think of function AND form. Things like modern “smart” appliances can make your kitchen feel much more up-to-date.

Once everything is chosen, it’s time to start assembling everything into one cohesive design. Try to think in terms of “work zones.” Where will you stand in the kitchen that will allow you to reach multiple appliances, cabinets, and surfaces?

Try to make sure your room leaves space for moving around too and don’t fill it with too much in the way of appliances and cabinets.

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