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New Construction Home Maintenance Tips

Nothing says I love you more to a new construction home than maintenance. In a new home, maintenance checks must at first be routine before becoming periodic. There are some seasonal maintenance requirements to be mindful of, as your home goes through its first twelve months. While keeping an eye on those, it is just as important to carry out day-to-day maintenance and checks as the need arises. As a homeowner, it can pay to be suspicious, starting with the utility bills.

New Construction Home Maintenance Tips

Utility Bills

These bills are your maintenance “dashboard”. Spikes in water and power usage costs can be viewed as early warning signs. Make friends with your neighbors and try to establish spending benchmarks in your area. Above-average water bills may mean a leak inside or outside the building. Look for dripping faucets and wet patches on the walls above the faucets. Also, look for dripping overflow pipes on the wall exteriors. Check the garden taps and irrigation system, especially if it’s automated. Check the boiler and the drip tray underneath it. If your electricity bill is high, start the investigation also with the geyser. Check out the thermostat. The boiler doesn’t need to run at full power 24/7 so adjust it to your family’s peak need times. When you are new, it’s also important to adjust any automated exterior lighting that may be staying on in the daylight hours.

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Monitor the New Build

Inspect the roof for leaks from the inside. Winds and storms can sometimes shift roof tiles and let rainwater in. As your newly built home “cures” – dries out and strengthens, from the construction process, check for “settling” cracks, inside and outside. These are often only hairline cracks and nothing to cause alarm. However, if the construction was hasty, and cement walls were painted or the roof went on before the cement was completely dry, this could cause problems if cracks go unchecked. It could be that the loadbearing structures are not up to code. During the rainy season, check for rising damp on the inside of the exterior walls at the bottom. If the paintwork is bubbling or cracking, you could have water coming up through the foundations.

Monthly Maintenance

Check, adjust and clean the following regularly to ensure proper working order:

  • Thermostats and humidity levels.
  • Heating and air conditioning system.
  • Ceilings and water stains.
  • Guttering and downpipes.
  • Vents – intake vents and exhaust vents.
  • Garden. Watch out for water leaks and sewerage smells.
  • Termites running up the walls.

Make “maintenance” your mantra. If the appliances in your home came with instruction manuals, keep them handy – next to your toolbox. Above all else, when it comes to new construction home maintenance, know your limitations. There is a time and place for DIY, but not in emergencies. Have the contact details of recommended, local contractors in your phone and also near the toolbox. Homeownership requires commitment and discipline. Look after your new home and it will definitely look after you.

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