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New Construction Homes Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a typical prebuilt home when compared to a new construction home is a different process. What is included and hidden in the contract will depend on the builder that was contracted. Here are some questions that are frequently asked when buying new construction homes to help you get started.

New Construction Homes Frequently Asked Questions

How long has your builder been in the industry?

Builders must meet the expectations of their clients. Having a good reputation and being well-versed in the industry are some of the qualifications that home buyers are looking for in a builder. It is advised to approach their previous clients and even with their contractors. Previous clients might provide information about the builder’s quality work and satisfaction rate.

Have they built similar homes?

A builder who has experience building homes similar to your home’s design will always be better than a builder who has no experience. Asking for the builder’s expertise on your home’s design will let you know that they are not doing experiments on your home. Furthermore, a builder, who has experience in building different types of homes, will provide more insights on how to build a house. A builder’s knowledge in making these houses will help you gauge your home’s quality.

Can I visit other finished homes?

Most agents, when selling a new construction home, will have a finished version of the house. Furnishing, landscaping, wall painting, etc., are typically incorporated in the showcase model. Through this, buyers will have a good idea of how their house might look like. As buyers, you should check out finished homes and pay attention to their construction materials, layouts, finishing, and design. This way, you’ll be able to inspect and know your house, even before it is finished.

Who is in charge of the construction?

It is important to know who is in charge of your house’s construction. Knowing their areas of expertise and how to contact them are some pieces of information that are necessary for you to know. Their expertise will help you gauge the quality of your home’s construction, and learning how to contact them will allow you to reach them faster should there be any problems in your home. Take note, large companies have a wide range of builders. As a result, the outputs of these companies may vary in quality.

Is the lot cost included?

Every plan in the construction of a new home has a base cost. This includes the structure itself, as well as the exterior and interior features. However, the cost of land might not be included and therefore incur additional charges. Knowing if the lot cost is included will help you gauge if the new construction home fits your budget.

What’s considered an extra?

Home construction builders have to work with a standard set of features. The qualities of its features will vary or be different among companies. Thus, other companies will have various advantages in this regard. The extra cost will depend on what you want to be done with your house. As a buyer, learn the price of these additional features. This way, you can consider them when allocating a budget for your home.

When are extras paid?

Some construction workers want to be paid immediately for the extra costs, while others wish the extras paid at the end of the contract or when the house is finished. Others ask to split the schedule of payment depending on the nature of extra services. Any kind of payment approach will be acceptable as long as both you and the builder agree about the additional costs. Knowing what is expected from you by the builder will help you prepare payment rather than causing you a nuisance.

What is the house’s construction schedule?

The house’s construction schedule tells you when the construction crew works on building your house. It serves as your home’s construction timeline and tells you about the steps they took to finish the project. Knowing your house’s construction schedule will help you keep track of their progress and tell you whether they can complete it on the estimated completion date.

What if the completion date is missed?

If ever this happens to you, you should communicate with your contractor about why they missed the schedule and what they will do to solve it. It is suggested to ask the builder when they will finish the project. That way, you’ll be able to update your home’s construction schedule and monitor its progress. Avoid rushing your builders because rushing them can lower the house’s construction quality.

These are some questions that are frequently asked by buyers to their builders or contractors. Knowing these frequently asked questions about new construction homes will help you gauge the home’s construction quality and cost. Through this, you’ll be able to decide whether to buy the house or not.

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