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What are the Top Community Amenities in New Home Developments?

Are you moving into a new community development? Chances are you’re looking for a new home development with a few (or many) community amenities. Community amenities are a great place for families and singles to enjoy their time close to home. Here are the most-requested lifestyle amenities in new community developments.

What are the Top Community Amenities in New Home Developments?


Fitness & Health Center

You can appeal to the needs of health and fitness-conscious residents in your development by adding a gym to your community. Apartment buildings offering gym facilities are in huge demand, especially in cities. Why travel to the gym when you can step into a fully upgraded facility right in your community?

All good home community gyms have the following elements in their design.

Cardio Equipment

Keep your residents healthy and fit by making cardiovascular training equipment readily accessible in your community fitness center. Treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical machines will keep residents moving even during the cold winter months.

Free Weight Area

Invest in a gym with free-weight barbells and dumbbells and full-length mirrors. Add some weight machines for pressing, pulling, and isolation work, allowing your residents to sculpt their bodies as they envision them.

Yoga Studio

Setting up a dedicated area for meditation and yoga keeps a sense of peace in the community. Make it a space for all ages and attract top-rated instructors from the community to give lessons.

Spa Area

Every gym needs a changeroom and a place to recover from workouts. You can add to the fitness and health center by installing a sauna, cold plunge, and a spa area for massages.

Indoor or Outdoor Pools

Adding an indoor or outdoor pool to your community gives residents a place to train, play, and bask in the sun. If your new house development is in a warm region, build an outdoor or rooftop pool, or take it inside in colder areas of the country.

Why stop there? Add a few hot tubs or cold plunge pools to cater to all watersports and leisure requirements.

Kids Playground

A gated community offers families a safe space to raise their children and enjoy the outdoors. Create a kid’s playground with rides, slides, and bike trails. A playground is a great place for kids to play outdoors while the adults take a break.

Investing in kid-friendly facilities attracts families to your community. Kids can stay active and escape the TV, while adults enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Dog Park & Running Trail

A dog park is a great amenity for family-friendly communities. Let your residents take their four-legged friends for a walk while the kids enjoy the fresh air. Making a community pet-friendly will attract residents from all walks of life.

Fence off an area of the kid’s playground, add some grass to an open space, and put up a sign showing residents it’s a dedicated green space for their canines. For a standout experience, add dog pools, training equipment, dog runs, and water bowls to keep the dogs happy and healthy.

Design a running trail around the community areas and let your residents stay fit and healthy outdoors. Some people may prefer getting out into the open for exercise instead of hitting the gym.

Access to Public Transportation

Building a community is all about accessibility. While it’s important to have on-site facilities like those mentioned, it’s also critical to give residents access to reliable public transport.

Planning a community around public transport routes makes it easy for residents to get to work, go shopping, and visit friends and family without taking the car out of the garage.

Transportation options like LRT systems and buses give residents fast access to other parts of the suburb or city. Setting up a transport-friendly community also helps to attract millennials and zoomers that don’t yet have personal transportation.

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