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What are the Benefits of a House Near a Lake?

Are you thinking about buying a second home? A house on the lake seems like an appealing prospect for a second property, and you have just the right property picked out.

But why should you go with a lake house over a beach house? What are the benefits of a house near the lake?

What are the Benefits of a House Near a Lake?

Escape the City

Living in the city is a stressful experience. The pressures of work and leading a busy lifestyle leave you with barely a spare minute to think. Leaving it all behind for a weekend at the lake house is a great way to escape the matrix and give yourself a break from the toxic environments of the city.


Visiting the lake house frees you from the neighbors, your friends, your boss, and anyone who knows you. You get to relax and unwind, knowing that the social pressures are off.

Leave your phone on airplane mode and enjoy spending time with the people you love, or give yourself time to think away from it all.

Get Down with Nature

When you’re down at the lake, everything is serene and quiet. There’s nothing to do but breathe in the fresh air and listen to the sounds of nature.

Having a sundowner cocktail on the porch while you watch the water and the lights dance in the sky is a life experience everybody needs.

The sounds of the insects in the air, the fish splashing as they jump from the water, and the cool, crisp, clear, and clean night air looming in silence. There’s not a freeway within earshot.

Embrace the Winter and the Summer

While most people think of a lake house in the summer, it’s also a great winter getaway. A lake house can transform into a winter wonderland landscape if the lake freezes and the snow falls. Go ice bathing and camp out in the snow for fun.

Seasonal use of the lake house in this way also lets you make more in rental income by listing it on Airbnb during the summer months.

Plenty of Activities

Since you’re out on the water, there are plenty of activities for you to do with the family. Depending on the type of lake, you could have a range of powerboat and PWC activities.

Cruising the lake, water skiing, wakeboarding, and tube riding are just a few examples of an available out on the water.

Then there’s the swimming and the fishing, not to mention all the area of woodlands or forest surrounding the lake to explore.

There’s never a dull moment down at the lake. The only time you’re sitting around doing nothing is when you’re exhausted from having so much fun!

Resale Value

Owning lakeside property is one of the best investment real estate deals to preserve wealth. Not only does it hold its value and increase at rates far above typical residential properties in a city, but it also experiences high demand.

Lakehouses don’t always have to be a getaway for the family. You can turn them into Airbnb or guest houses and make a seasonal fortune yearly; Lake houses are great long-term investments and ideal for raising cash.

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