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What Does a Land Developer Do?

Land development is one of the most exciting careers you can find yourself in. Land developers are an essential part of any real estate, housing, or land development project. In fact, no legitimate development or building process can go forward without a land developer being part of the process at some point.

Hundreds of emerging land developers enter the career every year, and while it’s not for everyone, it can be a fascinating and ever-changing career that is always exciting.

What Does a Land Developer Do?

Land developers have several responsibilities to take care of when it comes to the management of real estate development or land projects. A land developer’s skill set and education stretch across several fields including contract law and real estate.

Land Developer Salary

The average land developer salary differs and will depend on the area, clients, and experience. A veteran land development professional with a sturdy portfolio of previous work is likely to get paid more than a newcomer.

Compensation for a land development professional will also depend on who you ask. In fact, several online career resources list different amounts. estimates a land developer’s average salary is $92,000 per year. Meanwhile, the Economic Research Institute estimates a land developer’s average salary is $105,000 per year. Glassdoor references an estimate of around $114,000 per year in total compensation.

As you can see, there is no single answer to what a property developer might be expected to get paid.

Land Developer Studies

Anyone with an interest in becoming a land developer should consider what fields of study are ideal for the career choice. Usually, a degree in Property Science, Real Estate, or Land and Property Development applies. However, there are other degrees that can still fall under the eventual career label of a land development professional.

Land Developer Responsibilities

The job title of land developers is one that includes several responsibilities. All job responsibilities have something to do with project development at one of the phases. A developer can be seen in every step of the project. This includes scouting ideal land for development to take place as well as deciding on the best building contractor to hire.

A land developer should be able to assess and attach a monetary value to a site. However, they also deal with everything from project management and real estate deals to contracts and contractors.

Land developers are good team leaders and have to be excellent at team management in order to direct a successful project. Being a land development specialist also requires a hands-on approach. Therefore, a good land developer will engage with and speak to everyone on-site to make sure the project goes well.

While land developers have extensive responsibilities for any type of property development, the job also happens to be exciting and everchanging at the same time.

Can Land Developers Freelance?

Many freelance land developers exist. In fact, nothing is stopping a successful land developer from creating their own firm instead of working for someone else. As long as there are development projects on deck, you can expect land developers to be around.

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