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What is a Good Floor Plan for Your Home?

If you are able to choose the floor plan for your home and start creating a house from scratch, then you should consider yourself much luckier than more than 80 percent of people who buy homes. The thing nobody realizes until they have a chance to build on the empty ground is that floor plans can be complicated.

As someone who wants to build a home, you have the choice of creating a unique floor plan from scratch – or the alternative of buying an existing floor plan. What is a good floor plan for your home, and how can you be sure the choice is going to be right in six months or more?

What is a Good Floor Plan for Your Home?

Consider the Cost

House floor plans don’t all cost the same, and they certainly don’t all cost the same amount of money to build once you factor in the cost of building materials. Before choosing a dream home floor plan, property owners should consult an experienced builder – usually, a quantity surveyor can help you to establish just how much it’s going to cost to put up the house of your dreams.

How much of a budget do you have to spend? Decide your budget for the total build before you spend a cent on anything else.

Factor in the Available Space

A chosen floor plan has got to fit into the space that you have available. Available space is the next thing to establish once you have looked at your budget. Practicality comes into question here, and you have to ask how practical it would be to build what you envision into the space that you have.

If you end up with a prefab floor plan that’s too large for your area, consult an architect and chop off a room or two. If the plan is too small, an architect can also help you to add rooms where it would make the most sense.

List Your Essential Needs

Real estate agents all do this when they are put to the task of finding the perfect home or work from home office space. You should also gather a list of essential needs if you intend to build from a set floor plan from the ground up.

List all of the things that you would like to see in your ideal space. If you have a better idea of what your essential needs are, it will be much easier to find or design the perfect floor plan that fits.

Some people might consider four bedrooms a must-have, while others are fine with two bedrooms – but want a balcony. Everyone has different needs.

Use Open-Source Floor Plans

Floor plans don’t have to be half of your building budget, there are easier ways to design a floor plan. Just like you can find open-source software alternatives, you can also look on the internet for open-source floor plans. Open-source floor plans don’t cost you anything, and can even be adapted with the affordable help of an architect.

If you can imagine it, then there’s probably something in the open source world that will suit your needs just fine.

Create a Virtual 3D Walkthrough

It’s great to see a floor plan laid out on paper. However, sometimes it’s even better to see a three-dimensional representation. Elements like space and light are easier to visualize with a virtual 3D walkthrough. These days, you can create a virtual floor plan to walk through with software and an Oculus.

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