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Why Is It Better to Live In the Suburbs?

City living does have its perks. There are more amenities and greater access to events and cultural activities when compared to some suburbs. In some cases, the commute to work and school is shorter. There are supposedly more jobs too. The biggest difference between metropolitan areas and the “burbs” are the lifestyle choices. Increasingly many folks think that living in suburban areas, the pros outweigh the cons, especially for families with kids. What follows is a quick look at why it is better to live in the suburbs.

Why Is It Better to Live In the Suburbs?


Location, location, location. Suburban single-family homes within a short commuting distance of schools, hospitals, and shopping malls are said to be a good investment. Depending on your budget, there is a choice between moving into a high-end, finished home or buying a fixer-upper starter home. In the case of a fixer-upper, families tend to upgrade and add value to the home as their budget allows.

Better value for money

Real estate in the suburbs isn’t necessarily cheap. However, the open space, square footage, number of rooms, among other perks can be a big draw for those who choose to move out of city areas and into suburban residential areas. What price can you put on having easy parking and a yard? The same principles apply to renting an apartment. A one-bedroom apartment in a big city is likely to cost the same as a two-bedroom apartment in a suburban residential community.

Indoor and outdoor space

Not only is there more space, and more rooms for a family, there is also more room between you and the neighbors. In suburban parts of the city, extra bathrooms and a basement are also treasured areas. Don’t forget the private home office as well.

Outdoor areas homeowners are able to enjoy include gardens, a porch, a place to barbecue, and also a driveway to shoot hoops with the neighbors. Others find enjoyment in having a garage and maybe even a pool.

Safer communities

The suburbs are not immune to crime. However, statistics show that they are a lot safer. Densely packed city neighborhoods tend to experience more crime because there are more people and more opportunities for criminals. Secure neighborhoods need good neighbors. Think about joining the community action group to keep your neighborhood safe. Not to mention, it is a great way to make new friends in your area.

Shhh! Peace and quiet ahead

The suburbs are by no means silent, however, there isn’t a constant hum of traffic, honking of horns, and sirens. Instead, you are able to hear the birds in your garden or the flowing water in your backyard water feature. Suburbs are live and often vibrant communities that offer involvement if you choose to get involved. In fact, you can be as busy or as laid back as you choose to be.


Pushing through crowds and fighting busy traffic to enjoy a shopping day will become a distant memory. No more expensive parking by the hour, taxis or public transport. There’s plenty of convenient and free parking all day long at the mall and usually a wide range of shops which can make life easier as well. There is easier access to restaurants and gyms in the suburbs also.

Nature & Parks

The suburbs are a great place for your pets as well. Listen to the birds and enjoy the fresh scenery while walking the dog. There are parks with playgrounds for playdates for little ones. Studies have shown that the suburbs are also healthier because there is less pollution, resulting in cleaner air. Less pollution also makes the stars more visible so enjoy sitting out under them star gazing.

Stressless and less stress.

Away from the masses, noise, constant emergencies, and high crime, you are away from the stress they induce. The peace and quiet and extra space will actually take some getting used to. The suburbs are in no way perfect. On the other, after the city hustle and bustle, the suburbs can provide many families the opportunity of a lifetime.

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