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Why Omaha is a Great Place to Build Your Dream Home

There are several thousand places in the world where aspiring property developers could choose to build their very first dream home. But Omaha is one of the most popular choices for modern homeowners – especially ones who want to combine prime property prices, with affordable development and living costs.

Why does Omaha make the perfect place to build your dream home, whether it’s your first attempt or your final one? We’d say that it’s a combination of the right things, all coming together right in one place.

Why Omaha is a Great Place to Build Your Dream Home?


Omaha Property Development Experts

Like Silicon Valley and its technologically rich reputation (or Wisconsin and its bountiful dairy industry), Omaha has certain things that help to make the area special – and makes Omaha, unlike any other part of the country.

Many property development experts have made Omaha their home, too.

It means that when you need to hire an architect or building team, you can hire a local one. Local companies are likely to be familiar with the landscape and area, and they’re exactly the kind of help that you need to make your stay in Omaha a great one.

 The Property Prices in Omaha

Property prices in Omaha aren’t ranked nearly the highest in the country, and you won’t pay as much as you would in states like New York for great real estate.

Other states are almost unaffordable if you want to build a true dream home, but Omaha is often considered one of the most affordable states for property – especially its development.

A few thousand dollars go further here per square mile, making Omaha an especially great choice.

The Cost of Living in Omaha

Once you’re settled as an Omaha resident, you’ll also be delighted to know that the general cost of living within Omaha is much lower than anywhere else in the country. States like New York or Mississippi are affordable for some, but not necessarily if you need the budget to live comfortably and build your home.

Omaha is a great place where comfort can meet costs.

The Public Transport in Omaha

Public transport is one of the easiest things to access throughout most of Omaha, and you’ll notice that most of the locals rely on various transport methods made available more than they rely on their own vehicles.

Once you need to get around, public transport is affordable and accessible to you for most of the day and night. Next, you’ll want to ask some of the more experienced locals to show you around town!

Job Opportunities in Omaha

 There’s a lot more than just your dream home to be built here in Omaha: some people also move to Omaha to find their dream careers.

There’s such a diverse makeup of people in Omaha, that there are businesses from almost every industry – and you could move here if you were anything from a music producer to a writer.

Graves Development Resources | Land Developer in Omaha, Nebraska

Graves Development Resources (GDR) has been designing and building the market’s finest neighborhoods since 2000, with over 5,000 homesites and important commercial development projects throughout Douglas and Sarpy Counties.

Our pages showcase current neighborhoods where new home buyers may select from hundreds of home sites. We are definitely “phone friendly” and welcome the opportunity to provide you with all the information you need before making one of the most important decisions for your family’s future. Contact us with any questions.



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